1. Thermo BoxWe often need to keep food and drinks cool to safely enjoy them when away from our home refrigerators. That is why we have developed these EPP thermo boxes.
    1. Baby Car Seat Our baby car seats are designed with an EPP lining which offers a comfortable and impact resistant structure that will keep your child safe and secure in your vehicle.
    1. Hip Seat These different options offer greater comfort choices depending on the holder and the child. People love our baby hip seats because of their safety, comfort and stylish appearance.
    1. EPP / EPS HelmetsBecause of this we have developed a line of EPP/EPS helmets that have been designed to offer lightweight comfort while also keeping your head as safe as possible.
    1. EPP PalletsIn order to meet the needs of the market and offer a recyclable replacement for wood products, we have designed and produced EPP pallets.
    1. EPP Box for Electronics Packaging In terms of packing and transportation, our EPP boxes for electronics packaging are the best choice available.
    1. Waste Disposal Bin Green development is an ever-growing phenomenon and this EPP waste disposal bin is exactly what environmentalists need.
    1. EPP Automotive Parts We produce EPP automotive parts because EPP has excellent energy absorption features, high deformation recovery and various resistances and heat insulation properties.
    1. EPP Tool Box Our EPP tool boxes offer a lightweight and durable product to hold your tools.
    1. EPP Car Bumper Front and rear car bumpers are often lined with EPP foam to act as a cushion to absorb force in case of a collision.