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YiYuan Environmental Packaging Products (Kunshan) Co. was established in 2010 with a four fully functional factories outfitted with a variety of EPP molding machines. Our development and production scale ranks among all the top private enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta.

  • EPP Molding Factory
  • General Manager

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) plastic is an extremely versatile material used in many different applications. EPP plastic is an environmentally responsible engineering material because of its range of performance benefits in terms of manufacturing and finished product use. The material can be used to produce a variety of products because of its light weight, structural strength, energy absorption ability, acoustic insulation and flexibility among others.

  • Helmet Liner Production Factory
  • Helmet Liner Production Factory

Our company has been at the forefront of EPP design and molding. We use the material to produce child safety products such as car seats and helmets as well as other products for packaging and automotive uses. We offer our standard product lines along with a variety of customized solutions.

    1. Development History

      In 2007
      Huabao Packaging Products Co., Ltd. was established with two EPP molding machines, mainly producing auto parts with EPP foam and EPP packaging boxes for electronics manufacturers.

    1. Our Customers

      • Goodbaby Child Products Co., Ltd.
    1. Qualification Certificates

      Certificate No.: TS16949

      Assessed by the NSF-ISR, our established quality management system conforms to ISO/TS 16949 technical specifications

    1. OEM/ODM

      We are a production oriented company focused on the shaping and processing of products made from EPP (Expanded polypropylene). We have a complete line of mature products including our thermo boxes, helmets, and child safety products, but we also have the capability to produce custom or OEM/ODM products.

    1. Application

      Child safety products
      Our line of child safety products includes car seats and baby hip seats. Our EPP liners for these products are soft, comfortable and most importantly, safe. The car seats safely secure children in the car to prevent any injury caused by regular safety restraints.

      Designed for families with infants and toddlers, our baby hip seat is lined with EPP foam and allows parents to comfortably hold their child. This is great for walking in public with your child, giving you freedom for your hands and allowing you to bond with your child.

    1. Service

      In our company, each product is classified as a mature product or a customized product.

      Our mature products include EPP helmets, EPP/EPS pallets, baby hip seat with EPP foam, child safety seats and other EPP components.

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