EPP Thermo Box

We often need to keep food and drinks cool to safely enjoy them when away from our home refrigerators. That is why we have developed these EPP thermo boxes. Thermo boxes made from EPP are food-safe and can be used for the storage and transport of all sorts of food and beverages. EPP foam has amazing insulation properties and is extremely light, offering you a convenient way to keep your items cool and easily transport them. We are the main supplier of EPP thermo boxes for the Feiniu online shop of RT-Mart as well as Suning’s e-shop.

1. Temperature resistant
Its temperature can be maintained, losing only about 2 ℃ per hour.

2. Robust and 100% environment friendly
Its robust construction ensures maximum stability when stacking. Thanks to the buffering and shock resistant capacity of EPP plastic, it won’t easily deform but can be reused over and over again.

Yet another advantage: EPP is recyclable as well as being free of CFCs and pollutants, which is certified through the ROSH (The Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Our thermo boxes are green, 100% recyclable thanks to EPP.

3. Good capacity of sealing and fresh keeping
You can be sure that our EPP thermo boxes present a secure barrier, not only a hygienic transport solution but also one which is based on guaranteed odor and taste neutrality. All of this is attributable to its tight sealing ability and the embedded-joint of the lower cap as well as its impermeable interior surfaces.

4. Various types and sizes
Our EPP thermo boxes can be designed entirely individually to match your requirements. We have produced many kinds of coolers, such as thermo boxes with a side door, vertical thermo boxes with straps, thermo boxes with handles, etc.

These thermos boxes are great for personal use but they can also be used to transport food for commercial applications. The thermal insulation allows hot food to be transported without losing its heat. For higher request, we are developing the thermo boxes with constant temperature maintenance. Also, customization is available.

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